Celebrating 10 years

10 years anniversary

Celebrating 10 years

December will see Mike and I reach a milestone – 10 years of ministry We will never forget the date as it’s also Mikes birthday so 10 years ago, we were getting ready to head down to Cornwall and move into our first retreat.


To onlookers this complete life change looked like a suddenly  in many ways it was although the suddenly had actually happened some 6 months earlier! However, we had known for many years at some point this change in our lives would come about we just did not know when!  Nor what it would actually look like and above all else would we be brave enough and bold enough even to do it? Fortunately, the answer to the previous questions was yes. So, in celebration of that we threw the best party ever and in-between the live jazz and the fireworks we were prayed out and prophesied over. The first eight chapters of Zachariah featured quite heavily so we began to have a bit of an inkling that we were taking on no small task but you can go many miles on enthusiasm alone!


I think anniversaries specifically milestone ones, often cause us to look back and of course coupled with this time of year always for me at least brings about a time of reflection.

As we set off on that very wet and cold December night one could never have anticipated how much life was going to change in the following 10 years both for us as individuals, the world generally and the Church. “But God” has always been one of my prayer partners favourites saying and as I stand and look back in awe that phrase is so poignant.


At this point I guess I could talk about the wonderful people we have met the amazing/difficult situations we have found ourselves in and how the Lord has come through for us time and time again. The comical moments that would make the best sit com ever, but today is cause for reflection and I am finding myself looking back over my life as a Christian generally and those people who have influenced me the most.


So the top spot has to go to Miss Fisher and Miss Reeve both ordained ministers – for further information I have attached a link at the bottom of this blog post.


I had a conversation recently with a person who like so many believes the Church is not culturally relevant to attract young people mmmmmmmmm interesting thought which has prompted some of this musing.


I became a Christian in the early 80’s and one of my favourite places to go on a Saturday night was Hockley Pentecostal Church in the centre of Birmingham It was far better than any clubbing experience I had ever had. There was no fake smoke no flashing strobe lights in tune with the music no bar no drugs just 2 elderly ladies wearing hats in keeping with their Pentecostal tradition. The band which seemed to come together randomly, although I am sure it did not. Had every instrument imaginable – trombones, trumpets, sax, organ, piano drums, triangle and on and on One evening there was even a harp and consequently (with or without harp) the praise and worship was something else heaven on earth. One night I specifically remember doing the hokey cokey around the auditorium. Remember these  were days pre internet  how I got to know about this meeting  who knows but I am so glad I did. The auditorium held hundreds and was always full. You had to get there early for a good seat. It was also at one of these meetings my eldest boy gave his heart to the Lord. We always sat at the front where parents and young children gathered. There was an array of crayons books sweets and somewhere between the sniggering at a very loud ‘praise the Lord’ finishing off his crisps giving his younger brother yet another “Chinese burn “ and losing the rubik cube  under the pew. There he was on stage responding to the alter call. Miss Fisher did give him a grilling in front of every one yet he stood his ground totally confident and certain that he wanted Jesus in his life.


I probably frequented Hockley Saturday nights for a least a year or two and then with an ever-expanding family it became too difficult.


It was said that these two wonderful ladies were responsible for sending the most “missionaries out” in the UK They never proffered to be apostolic, revivalists ,culturally relevant or anything else They just had such a love of God,  His Word, immense faith and a heart for Gods people to reach their full potential  consequently God moved mightily


As we look forward to the next 10 years of ministry and beyond oh that we would establish such an uncompromising testimony like Miss Fisher and Miss Reeve