Freedom from Mother Wounds

November 22, 2023 – November 24, 2023

Mother Heart Retreat

Freedom from Mother Wounds
The starting point for everything is the revelation that God has always been ready to set us free from these wounds. As it says in Psalm 27, even if our mothers and fathers abandon us, God will hold us very close. In the mother-like embrace of Father God, we experience healing from our primal pain and freedom from its toxic consequences. In this ground-breaking retreat, you will be given keys to gain freedom and begin a journey of finding out who you really are.
Topics covered in the retreat are
1: The different kinds of mothering
2: What true mother love looks like
3: When the mother bond is broken
4: The tell-tale signs of primal pain
5: A blueprint for adult relationships
6: Forgiving and Honouring your Mom
7: Terminating inherited patterns
8: The comforting love of El Shaddai
£225.00 per person including lunch each day.


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