Mother Heart Retreat

November 2, 2021 – November 4, 2021

Mother Heart Retreat

The maternal bond is our first relationship. Through this interaction we are introduced to nurture, love and acceptance – unconditional love.

God in scripture is described both as a Mother and a Father. He loves us with a never-ending love-unconditionally. How we relate to our earthly parents mirrors the positive and negative relationships we have with others in our present day lives, and our Heavenly Father. These primary relationships also impact on our general wellbeing and spiritual journey.

Unfortunately for many of us things didn’t quite work out during this critical time leaving us with emotional wounding that prevents us from being who we were meant to be and living the abundant life we are promised in scripture.

During this three day retreat we will explore:

  • Forgiving and honouring your Mother
  • Tell-tale signs of lack of nurture
  • The comforting love of El Shaddai
  • Control v nurture
  • Abandonment/Rejection
  • Honouring ourselves and others
  • Seeing me as God sees me

Total cost per person £225.00
Cost includes lunch and refreshments throughout each day

Evening Meals
Evening meal also available for a nominal charge.

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