In a world where we have all learned to Zoom!


In a world where we have all learned to Zoom and it has had to become the norm for relationships and to some extent online retreats .

Here’s 10 reason why we only do actual retreats:

1. Connect physically with other human beings - incidentally one of our core needs.

2. Have heart to heart conversations in a safe environment whilst eating good food both spiritual and physical.

3. Turn aside from the familiar.

4. Adjust your life into a daily prayerful rhythm of worship - learn new songs and break old cycles.

5. Enjoy a little luxury - beautiful comfy beds and bedrooms. Exquisite surroundings hidden away in a secretive valley with meandering streams and age old woodlands.

6. Move from the chaos of life into the order of life and experience better sleep patterns changed mindsets and renewed hope.

7. Take exercise whether it be a gentle stroll through the fields or a hike through one of the many plantations on the Island.

8. Out of the normal routine of life take time to stand and stare. Enjoy the sunsets, the sunrises, crashing waves and deserted beaches.

9. Have access to endless resources physical and spiritual including a well stocked library.

10. Share the communion cup with others and take time to deepen your relationship with God and others.

Rhenass Retreat