Kind Words

Read what some of our previous guests have to say…

I first met Elaine and Mike 8 years ago when I visited the Christian retreat they were running at the time.

Their ministries and seminars have encouraged me to deepen my faith in a more creative manner than I was brought up with, and how to apply it in my everyday living. 

I am confident Rhenass Retreat will become my second home as I know it to be  a place of recharge and uplift and, of course, a warm welcome and hearty food.”

Franziska Hughes

My retreat in 2015 was a time when I was searching for insight and encouragement. I had to trust my hosts to care and challenge in a totally Christian atmosphere. 

I am a unique character, as we all are, so there was no one answer or one size fits all. I was, however, fully accepted with all my foibles! Mike and Elaine provided this safe place where I could learn more about myself and assess my future. They did this in a professional way, but with an underlying Christian ethos, supported by worship and prayer.

I left after my allotted week, appreciating the time away but not recognising the full value. It was not for a few weeks that I realised I was different and it was others who noticed it first!

Mike and Elaine have continued to be good friends, and I have no doubt they continue to pray for me and others they have facilitated. If you want a chance to reset yourself or just to have time to think outside the box, then Mike and Elaine will provide a good start!”

Peter Strong (Rev)

I have visited a previous retreat run by Mike and Elaine on several occasions. From the moment I walked in I felt at home. The welcome by Mike and Elaine was wonderful and it soon felt I had known them for years! The retreats they provide are a breath of fresh air which is why I kept returning, and why I will book into Rhenass when lockdown has ended. The catering is exceptional and the meal time, homely feel and conversation have left me with fond memories of laughing, chatting and deep conversation. They provide a place of peace, rest, relaxation and most importantly a place where God’s presence is tangible. Every time I visited I came away knowing I had met with God through the worship times, the conversation and the powerful prayer ministry that they offer. I can not recommend their retreats highly enough!”


I’ve been on a couple of retreats that Mike and Elaine facilitated. You’re in safe hands! The depth of maturity and wisdom shines through their pastoral hearts, especially for seeing people come into the fullness of healing and freedom they long for. Another great aspect is they’re open to supporting creative, artistic people and take a keen interest in the arts. They provide a safe place to really be yourself and share your heart. There’s good prayer ministry and counsel on hand, plenty of great walks and good, home cooked food to keep you fuelled. Above all, it’s all about the Holy Trinity being at the heart of the retreat and what the Lord is doing. You can join in the community prayer and worship times that are really great, or find some of your own solitude if you want. There’s no pressure, as I said it’s all about what the Lord is doing and receiving what you need when you set that time apart. I received lots of graces and encouragement during my time there and made some news friends.”

Chris Baron

I was a volunteer cook with Elaine and Mike at their previous premises and loved going into ‘work’. The environment was always welcoming and relaxed but was also interesting and fun. Guests and staff were warm and friendly and totally inclusive. The guest feedback on their experience was positive and uplifting. I am confident that Rhenass Retreat will offer an equally rewarding experience delivered by Elaine and Mike.”

Former retreat volunteer

Retreat Life

Interview with Elaine Clarke and the Reverend Jane Kustner about Retreat Life.

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