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The Isle of Man is possibly one of the best kept secrets of the British Isles.

The island is self-governing and is neither part of the United Kingdom nor the European Union.

It is home to the most spectacular scenery, lush Glens, magnificent waterfalls, purple mountains, rugged shore lines, sandy beaches, and with minimum light pollution is perfect for stargazing. Sunsets are the most incredible you will see. It also has one of the best-preserved Medieval Castles in the world – Castle Rushden.

Strategically located in the Irish Sea, Celtic tribes settled here as far back as the end of the Ice Age. They were later joined by Vikings around 850BC.

The Island’s conversion to Christianity is generally attributed to St Maughold around 447 AD, an Irish missionary and disciple of St Patrick with a very colourful past!

The Isle of Man is deeply rooted in Celtic spirituality, evidenced by historic keeills that can still be seen around the Island dating back to the 6th century. Ballanimmin Keeill is situated on land owned by Rhenass Retreat. These keeill structures are primitive Chapels built by a class of clergy who lived a solitary and austere life, fulfilling the role of spiritual Mother or Father to the local communities. Their worship was a daily rhythm of prayer which still today forms the foundation of Celtic Christianity.

For further information, visit www.isleofman.com

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