Pre-Marriage & Marriage Retreats

“It is not good for Man to be alone” Genesis 2:8

Marriage is a covenant relationship ordained by God and should be a relationship where we thrive not simply survive.

Becoming one flesh depicts the very essence of the marriage covenant, two lives become one.

“For this reason, a Man leaves his Father and Mother and is joined to his wife and the two are united into one “Genesis 2:24 Unfortunately all too often before the wedding album has even arrived and before the storming, norming and forming has begun – which is perfectly normal, problems occur.

Marriage is probably one of the most significant events in our individual lives. The wedding industry would certainly attest to that. However, whilst everything may appear absolutely perfect for the big day. How prepared are we/ were emotionally and did/do we truly understand the commitment we are making/made and the impact on our lives thereafter?

For example, one of the very simplest things we do not truly understand is that two halves when it comes to marriage do not make a whole! Its only two wholes make a whole – one of those wonderful mysteries of marriage of which incidentally there are plenty.

And for those who are already married life can throw up difficulties and challenges we did not expect putting an intolerable strain on our relationship requiring outside help to navigate through. Similarly, life may simply get in the way and indifference creeps in. Our marriage becomes likened to a pair of well-worn slippers that don’t quite fit any more and possibly should be thrown away!

During this four day retreat you will be exploring issues such as

  • What healthy connections look like?
  • Vision and Hope
  • Giving of yourself
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Intimacy

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Cost per couple £750.00

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