Prophetic word for the UK 2022/23

Prophetic word for the UK 2022/23

Prophetic word for the UK 2022/23

Prophetic word for the UK 2022/23 For people who have waited on and carried prophetic words for years, now is the time they will begin to see the fulfilment.

We are entering a new season as never before. And as always signs in the natural point to this. The death of the Queen after a 70-year reign and a new Prime minister in the same week really does signify a change of Government The extreme weather conditions unusual for September and the now seemingly financial crisis. Obvious wars over natural resources and further wars both home and abroad pertaining to power shifts, land grabs and fiscal controls. These unseen wars will no longer be hidden as the real power brokers of this world overplay their hands. As The Lord begins to reveal himself one or two of them will begin to cry out for mercy  and come into relationship with the only true God Yahweh   

Other evidence that things are moving.   Women rising up in Iran. Something long prophesied by Ed Silvoso  40 years ago. Its women who ultimately will suppress the spirit of Belial the spirit of abuse that rules and reigns across this region

Where many have found the rainbows during the week of the Queens death comforting

I perceive another interpretation and look to Revelation 4:3. As we move into a new season, I believe we will begin to see the judgement of God coming down on this earth.  Judgement is designed to bring about God’s justice and this year will be both a blessing or a curse depending on which side you are on -Where there is judgement God also provides great mercy- there is never one without the other. The literal translation of rainbow is warbow

This will be a season where the body of Christ comes into maturity, if you want it of course. And believe the Lord is giving the Ecclesia another opportunity to step up to breach the gap, something it failed to do in Covid. Current research shows more people engaged in witchcraft than church during the covid lockdowns.  As part of this maturity a new level of healing anointing will be released.  However, it will not be centered on one person, one ministry it’s for everyone who believes. Blind eyes will open, captives will be set free and forgiveness of one another will abound in abundance.

Economical things look tough but this will be a time when the material world merges with the supernatural Kingdom of God. People will no longer be able to lean on their own understanding, predominantly aided by materialism. They will begin to look beyond themselves for answers and help and in so doing they will begin to understand about supernatural supply lines. A God consciousness will begin to awaken for many with a realization that this life is not just about the now or them.  However, they will be seeking the Lord in a new and relevant way to current culture. Old ways and old structures of Church won’t work

For people who have waited on and carried prophetic words for years and years, now is the time they will begin to see the fulfillment of them. A convergence will take place Job 14 7-9 For there is hope for a tree, If it is cut down that it will sprout again. And that its tender shoots will not cease. Though its roots may grow old in the ground. Yet at the scent of water, it will bud   

What has been delayed in the previous or past seasons will now come through for you but with a double portion at the very least.  The Lord is honoring your faithfulness and your waiting

A new season always brings about change. Some pioneers will become settlers. They will begin to possess their allotted land, occupy it, and  build on it for future generations. Others will be raised up and released to take their place and become pioneers. Consequently, you will see shaking in the pews as people are being released irrespective of circumstance or Man holding them back. God will have his way.

New resources, new provision, new supply lines are on the way to fund these ministries which may look completely different but the Lord again will have his way.

For many who have been hidden they will now become visible.

A new level of diverse unity will begin to emerge in families, in communities, in countries and in ministries which will provide positive energy and propel people into where they need to go.

Most believers this year will see some sort of supernatural shift in their lives.

Elaine Clarke

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